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Sameera Maheshwari

Sameera B. Maheshwari is mobiActivation's Chief Technology Officer, and she's motivated by her desire to craft cutting edge technology solutions in industry, putting clients first. Sameera brings her extensive experience in the software architecture design and development field and knowledge of the industry to the table, and uses them to help mobiActivation's clients make better technology solutions that make business ready for the future.

Sameera always felt his clients deserved better than just information gap between them and their clients. In the early years of her practice, she worked across server side web and mobile technologies and build an understanding that clients need solutions beyond technology that match the business objectives.

As the industry changed, and the practice grew larger, Sameera felt it was hes duty to identify and fix the new gaps arise out of update in system. As the Chief Technology Officer of mobiActivation and a thought leader in the software solution industry, Sameera believes that the needs of clients should be placed above everything else. Since its beginning, she and the mobiActivation team have been exposing the pitfalls of the software solution industry, while providing clients the highest quality of service.